Sunday, March 18, 2018

My Learning focus was to create a Recount about our school camp.
School camp.

On Monday the 19th of February the whole school went to Lonsdale park for our school camp and we stayed at Lonsdale park for 2 nights and 3 in a half days.

So  the first thing we did when we got to camp is we all got all of our stuff out of the vehicles we went in and then we all went to go find our cabins and at first everyone didn't know which cabins we  were in.

Then we found out that  there was a cabin for the big girls and the little girls and after we found the right cabin all of the of the kids unpacked all of our stuff then we all made our beds and then we got told to get dressed into our tog’s.

And then when we heard the bell we all went to the front of the lunch room and we all got told to have something from our lunch boxes for morning tea and then after that we all got told to get our bags ready because we were about to go to Matauri bay for Surf School.

And after all of the students were ready to go our principal made sure that all of the students were their so no one was left behind and after she did that she told all of the parents which kids that they have in there group and after she did that  we all made our way to Matauri bay.

But before we actually made our way we had to put on our hats and we had to put sunblock on so we don’t get sunburnt and after that we finally made our way to matauri bay.

And then when we got to Matauri bay everyone got out of the car that they came in then they all got all of their stuff out and then after everyone was ready we all made our way down to the people that teaching us how to surf.

And as soon we got there we got split up into two different groups and their waas a group for the seniors and a group for the juniors but some juniors game and joined the seniors because they were basically seniors but they were still in the junior room.

So after we got into our groups the surf people  asked us a couple of questions.
And then after they did that we all had to take some surfboards down to the beach and when we got down to the beach we had to follow this big line.

And at the end of the line was one of the people that were teaching us all how to surf and when we got to the end of the line we had to lay our surf boards down and we had to sit right in front of our surf boards not on our surf boards  by our surfboard.

The names of the people that were teaching us how to surf was Conor,kian, Saun and they were all men and they were very nice and polite.

And then after they introduce themselves they went over the basic rules then they just told us the basic steps and then after that everyone was ready to go into the water and do some surfing.

And as soon as everyone got into the water you could see heaps of people standing up and it was really impressive and I even stood up on my surfboard  and after that most people took their surfboard back onto the beach then they either went back into the water for a swim.

Or they went up by their bags and had a drink and something and then after that we just stayed at the beach for a little bit then we all went back to our camp and we all had a shower and some of us got dressed into our pi'jamas or we got changed into our clothes.

Then after that we all just played around inside and some of us stayed in our cabins and we just relaxed.

Then after a while dinner was ready and after all of us finished dinner some of us had dessert some people didn't want dessert.

And after dinner and dessert everyone got ready for bed then the seniors got a choice of going to sleep or we could play spotlight and most people chose to play spotlight after a couple of games of spotlight.

Everyone went into their cabins and went to sleep.

My Photo

Ki ora My name is Mapihi and I go to Te Kura o Waima and I am a year 7 student.

My learning focus is to create a blog profile.

In art we had to write everything we liked down on to a piece of paper because we had to create a blog profile out of all of the things we liked. The format I decided to use is a picture bubble. I created a plan and decided the media I would use were felts and coloured paper I hope this tells you a bit about myself.


My Photo

This is a photo of me holding onto my piece of art and before I
tell you about my picture I am going to  tell you a bit about myself. and then I will tell you a bit about

So I am going to start of by telling you a bit about myself so My name is Mapihi and I am a year 7 student at Te Kura o Waima and my culture Is Maori.

So now I am going to tell you a bit about my art work so these are all of the things that I like but on a piece of paper but it isn't just in one colour I made it using different colours so that it stands out more and the resources I used were felts and coloured paper and pencils.

And to stick it onto the piece of coloured paper I used a glue stick and I used scissors to cut it out hopefully you  would try doing it yourself so our school can see your amazing creations.

Monday, July 3, 2017

Elephants Elephants Everywhere!

  1. Did you know that elephants can hear one another’s trumpeting calls up to 5 miles away.
  2. Elephants are not only cultural icons  in India  and throughout Asia, they also help to maintain the integrity of their forest and grasslands habitats.
  3. The elephants gestation  period is 22 months - longer than any other land animal in the world. A new born human baby weighs an average of 7 pounds while a newborn elephant baby can weigh up to 260 pound! The baby can stand up shortly after being born.
  4. The oldest known elephant in the world lived for 86 years (1917 -  2003). The average lifespan of an elephant is from 50 to 70 years. The largest known elephant was shot in Angola in 1956 and weighed about  24 000 pounds! It had a shoulder height of 3.96 metres.

Kia ora my name is Mapihi and I am a  year six student at Te Kura o Waima up North in the Hokianga. This Term I am an independent worker and I am researching elephants. This is some of my independent work I have been working on this term. My next learning step is to participate in more sporting events, and feel free to comment and leave some ideas or hints so I can improve and expand on.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Persuasive writing

We are learning to write a persuasive argument. 


I think  that Cinderella should not be treated  the way that she was being treated by her stepmother.
I think Cinderella shouldn't do her stepmother's and stepsister's work they should do it themselves. Just because Cinderella's dad never came back from work doesn't mean that they can tell her what to do all the time.

I think that Cinderella's stepmother should  let Cinderella go to the ball instead of telling her to polish their shoes. I think Cinderella should have been allowed to go to the royal ball without going as a different person. I think that is unfair for Cinderella.

I think that Cinderella's stepmother and sisters should treat Cinderella the same as a real daughter and a real sister not like a stepdaughter or a step sister even though they aren't real sister or a real daughter.


Thursday, June 16, 2016